what’s your groove?

What is “the urban groove”? My interpretation is this: whatever makes your life rich, exciting and classically you, in your environment. “The groove” holds the components of all things tangible and intangible in your life, taking you from point A to point B in a series of journeys, experiences, delightful nuances and epiphanies.

This blog is officially borne! I’m starting a new groove…


10 thoughts on “what’s your groove?

  1. chipper jones HO says:

    dearest staffeen…

    word choice is def your forte…
    reading your work is always a pleasure…
    i bet you dont think i ever read your attachments eh…
    well, proof…i do…

    ‘the blog is officially BORNE’ <—is that the correct spelling…

    im not a fan of the quotation marks you used…
    too chunky/busy…
    [hey..cant always be nice, you know me]…

    lov CH.

  2. Gary Schlee says:


    Borne is probably a very astute word choice. There is certainly a commitment attached to launching a blog. It’s that fear of having enough to say, or finding the time to say it, that intimidates many potential bloggers. Your other sites on the web suggest you’re up to the task. Welcome to debunkd.

  3. Jo. Chen says:

    I think of a groove as an environment in which one can truly express his or her own nature, reaching one’s own potential greatness. If only people could find their groove, perhaps our world wouldn’t have so many issues. Happy people = happy planet. : )

  4. Natasha VC says:

    Hey Steffy!

    I think the “urban groove” is attitude. That attitude is created from the outside in, and tends to seep into our lives by way of dress, music, script and interpretation. Ultimately, each of us are urban, therefore each of us are the groove.

    Just my two cents!

  5. Cheyenne says:

    Although the term “urban” is used so frequently, I see “urban groove” as something that moves me. In my world, it’s a vibe that goes beyond music. It’s the feeling that touches my soul. It’s my “bread and butter.”
    Listening to the soulful sounds of: Omar, Jill Scott, Dwelle, and Louie Vega on a bright warm sunny day, sipping on a glass of wine, and munching on crab cakes while out on the patio. I have found my “urban groove” if I’ve made time to enjoy life’s fine pleasures.

    Peace and Groove

  6. staffeen says:

    I definitely believe it’s an attitude. How we interact with our environment and how we respond to certain stimuli. I feel like when we are in “the groove” we are in our element & nothing can stop us!

  7. enki says:

    I constantly strive to keep my urban groove a little more interesting than just an underscore. It’s hard work this groove business_

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