don’t worry, even spongebob has writer’s block

In an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, Procrastination, Mrs. Puff (the boating teacher) has assigned an 800-word essay to the class, with the topic, “What not to do at a stoplight,” which is due the next day. Sponge is thrilled at the chance to display his writing skills, but then realizes that he has writer’s block!

He does everything to put it off – he cleans the pineapple until it’s spotless (his home), feeds Gary (his pet snail), and finally falls alseep with nothing but the word “the” written on the page. He wakes up minutes before the essay is due, after having an agonizing dream about having not written the essay, and quickly scribbles elements from his dream down on paper.

After rushing to school, satisfied with what he’s written, Sponge learns that Mrs. Puff has cancelled the assignment and will take the class on a field trip to a stoplight, instead.

What a fitting story, for the times!


4 thoughts on “don’t worry, even spongebob has writer’s block

  1. chipper HO says:

    o my…
    i didnt realize spongebob could have such an influence on adults…
    tho as you know…im not a fan of his character…

    ooooo…reminds me…
    i got a lecture im mondo late for…
    its about cybernetics…
    lets not hope i get a 800word essay due for tmrw…
    tho if it means i clean my house…well goodgood…


  2. Nicole says:

    Remember when they removed the stoplight at Mississauga and Hillside by the high school? haha. I think the 3 way stop works just as well, really, but now we’re down to just 3 stop lights in the whole city and the “big city” cottagers think we’re even MORE small-town.

    Ah well. I, for one, am.

  3. Jo. Chen says:

    Gotta love SpongeBob…I always found the show entertaining. Loved the movie as well. I wonder if the writers of the show were using their own writer’s block as a way to create an episode. I find sometimes writing with a block quite challenging. How to describe something with meaning behind it when you have no foundation to start? Okay, so now I am babbling…and yes, procrastinating from doing the very thing I should be doing right now. I wish I could make this process of writing go faster.

  4. staffeen says:

    CH – Yes, he is very prolific at times.

    Nicole – I had no idea it was even possible to be “downgraded” from small-town. I guess village is next? Actually, that’s another blog-topic altogether.

    JC – I believe for every writer it’s different – and sometimes it’s a good thing to be mute. I believe writers have messages to share with the world, and sometimes the channel isn’t there…so it’s best to just sit and contemplate and let the message arrive in its own time.

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