‘sit back, relax & let yourself go…’

We’re no strangers to it.


There’s the phrase, ‘I have a million things to do, and how are they ever going to get done,’ and then there’s the worrying fear that consumes your every waking moment.

It’s like osmosis. Contagious! Calm down!

We can project-, event-, and career- manage.

Now it’s time to manage our stress.

It’s probably the most important management skill that we’ll ever need to know. I love to utter, ‘keep things in perspective,’ but it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

For those of you who are trying to cope with the ever-mounting levels of worry these days, here are some helpful tips that help me relax and that I’ve heard help others as well.

1.   Drink ‘a cuppa’ hot tea (caffeine-free)
2.   Reduce caffeine – no coffee!
3.   Take a bath or shower
4.   Yoga – stretch it out
5.   Meditation – keep it calm
6.   Go for a walk – get some sun & fresh air
7.   Exercise – hit the gym
8.   Take a nap!
9.   Listen to your favourite music
10. Have a banana – essential vitamin B6 & 

Try a few of these, and be mentally and physically prepared to do exactly what you need to do…

Just remember…

“Life is imperfect…imperfect(is perfect)” – Joi Cardwell


13 thoughts on “‘sit back, relax & let yourself go…’

  1. N says:

    Oh hun, that was helpful. I think it helps even just knowing that you’re not the only person feeling overwhelmed.

    I’m the WORST when it comes to dealing with stress. I just let it get to me and end up crying myself to sleep! Good tips though. I think I’ll keep those in mind for next time.

    Love ya!

  2. kandice says:

    In defence of coffee, it *is* the number one source of antioxidants–those voguish cancer-killers–in the American diet!

  3. Jo. Chen says:

    I used to write in my journal a long time ago. I just recently revived this activity in hopes of getting out all the stressful thoughts in my head, which has annoyingly manifested itself into neck and shoulder pain (ouch!). It has been very helpful because it allows me to review my thoughts of the day, but also to see if there are any patterns that I need to fix. Venting to other friends also takes a load off one’s shoulders and gives one a different perspective of the issue causing stress.

  4. staffeen thompson says:

    N – No worries, my friend. You’re not alone, you know where to find me, or at least where to text me 😉

    Stuart – Thanks for finding me! Yes, writing definitely helps me…

    kandice – Oh, but there are other sources: berries, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, raisins, cherries, broccoli, spinach, carrots, tomatoes… lots of antioxidants! I guess coffee is more convenient…

    JC – Good idea, start writing again…see what masterpiece is created! 😉 And I hope your pain goes away soon, take care of yourself.

  5. Miranda McCurlie says:

    STRESS— Hmmmm.

    Some might argue that we (us PR students) are entering into a world of stress, chaos, headaches and bustle. I look at stress as a byproduct of being disorganization. If one cannot prioritize, organize and multitask; then stress if enviable.

    Also I think stress comes from over arching expectations. I mean, being expected to do great things is awesome. Being expected to turn water into wine, or walk on water is another thing.

    I look at stress as the sweat of my productivity. Without this, I feel I am not doing a good job.


    ps. Why am I not on your blog roll. tisk tisk

  6. staffeen thompson says:

    Ah! That will be rectified shortly!!!

    You’re absolutely right on all of those points. Without a little stress, what would we be doing? And a lot of our pressures I believe are self-imposed. Just learn your limits, and be honest with yourself, know how much energy you have to spend, where to spend it, and keep it all in check…

  7. Sean Sax says:

    I found it relaxing to see how many lewd jokes I could come up with for your “have a banana” suggestion. I stop when I reached 54 and couldn’t feel my legs anymore.

    Tomorrow’s lewd joke target to garner instant relaxation? “Stretch it out!”. My neck is already turning noodly in anticipation.

  8. cbaptiste says:

    Great posting Steff! It’s good to take time out and enjoy the simple things in life. Nothing beats relaxing with some soulful tunes in the background. My personal favorite is Wednesday evenings…glass of wine, a Cohiba and Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide programme on BBC Radio1.
    We all tend to get pre-occupied with our hectic, day-to-day existance that forget to sit back and smell the cafe au lait.

    Okay mabye forget the cigar for those who are health-conscious…

  9. miss sasha says:

    Interesting list…the simple things that we don’t make time to do…and though I’m down with the herbal tea and the nap, I must say, that i think meditation is a code word for nap…i can’t do it without nodding off (i think it has something to do with the deep breathing, which i must say is common with yoga…yet another activity that leads to a nap if you’re not careful…)
    is it just me who’s exhausted?

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