UPDATE: Lisa Shaw will be performing at This Is London on April 18, 2008.


“Pulling my love around, my mind says aloud…
but loud & clear’s unheard, guilty pleasures you’d say…”

This wouldn’t be a ‘soulful series’ without the presence of Lisa Shaw. Hers is the voice that revives the clubs, yet softens the scene. Her music, timeless. Her voice, haunting. Her song ‘Matter of Time’ still reveals nuances to me each time I listen to it, and continues to inspire me. Her unique sound draws from diverse range of styles, from Depeche Mode to Prince, but is truly unmistakable and becoming more and more refined. Her repertoire of songs is dynamic and fluid, passionate and introspective.

The last time I interviewed Shaw was after the release of her debut album Cherry, in 2005. Since then she’s been on tour for the album, on tour with Miguel Migs for his album Those Things, and is featured on Andy Caldwell’s album Universal Truth. Originally from Toronto, Shaw’s talent has graced us for years but like many things great, they are gradually recognized by the masses. I had a few simple ‘I wonder…’ questions for Shaw and was able to catch up with her amidst her hectic schedule.

A conversation with Lisa Shaw…

Staffeen Thompson: How has the success of your album ‘Cherry’, and touring for yours and Miguel Migs’ album ‘Those Things’, inspired your work?
Lisa Shaw: The response to both pieces of work has been really wonderful. It’s inspiring enough to go back into the studio and write more.

ST: You’ve collaborated with many creative DJ/producers, and are featured on many of their albums, how does the creative process work? Do you specify the tracks or do you both ‘go with the flow’?
LS: In most cases the producer will send me a track (or tracks), and I’ll listen and vibe them out. I usually can hear an idea/melody or concept right away and then we take it from there. I have a writing partner Dave Warrin who is the producer of my next album. We also write together for other producer albums.

ST: Which DJ/producers would you still like to work with?
LS: There are a few producers who I would love to work with. I really like LCD Sound System. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while and love their new album.

Click here for the rest of my interview with Lisa Shaw…

Visit: www.myspace.com/lisashaw
and www.myspace.com/petalpushermusic



  1. Natasha V says:


    Congratulations on the growth of your blog! I really appreciate the range of topics covered! As for Lisa Shaw, just came from visiting her myspace page, and you are on point for awakening the masses (who don’t know her), and turning them / us onto her music!

    You are my trusted source!

  2. Winston says:

    Great interview with Lisa Shaw.

    In the ever changing face of house music where most of the sounds tend be going harder and more electro with styling’s like Dirty South and Starkillers it is great to still have a soulful diva such as Lisa Shaw to keep making house music still have a soul and melodic feel to it.

    I can’t wait hear what the sophomore album sounds like!!!

  3. Frank Litorco says:

    It’s very interesting that Lisa Shaw would choose as a potential collaborator, indie-genius James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), who, in many respects, embraces the colder, electro-synth sounds that recall early New Order, Wire, Gang Of Four, et al. On the surface, their contrasting styles would seem a little incongruous, but her voice would definitely add quite a bit of warmth and sensuality to the quasi-robotic music. Here’s hoping the collabo comes to fruition, because they are both extremely talented individuals.

    Once again, great job with the interview!

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