“…just feel the good times!”

Charlene Smith’s
hit songs Feel The Good Times and Let It Slide topped the MuchMusic charts in the mid 1990’s and her album Feel The Good Times in my opinion – is an unrealized gem. With her signature mellow beats and her unmistakably sultry voice, Smith’s repertoire of songs is sincere and passionate. She went on to release a compilation CD called The Essence of Charlene Smith that was a mix of the first CD’s hits and their remixes, and a third CD entitled Life Is High.

Smith recounts performing at the weekly MuchMusic event Electric Circus with fondness, but describes her deliberate escape from the insanity of the music business as something she needed to do in order to evolve personally. She continues to work on projects independently with passion and dedication and now intends on a planned return.

I asked Smith about obtaining and sustaining balance in this business at this point in time and she describes, “Balance comes so easy now because the industry doesn’t have a hold on me. When you are able to contribute what you can when you can, and it still feels good – you’ve found your balance.”

Planning a new album for a 2009 release, Smith is devoted to every element on her next project and is anticipating its reception.

Click here for a brief interview with Charlene Smith.

Visit Charlene at: www.myspace.com/charlenesmith77



  1. chipper HO says:

    hmmm…i dont rem her…
    but then again i didnt listen to music till like alnis morissette days…
    but i do rem EC…
    thanks for flashbacks…
    her first song on myspace takes me back…
    as far back as my sisters music goes 🙂

  2. cbaptiste says:

    It is refreshing to know others who can relate with me. I LOVE her track “Feel the good times” circa 1994. I remember buying that record with my paycheck at IGA. It reminds me of such a good period in my life…This is the beauty of music. It has the power to create good or bad emotions based on your memories associated with a particular song.
    Electric Circus!!! Boy do I ever miss that show!!! Great profile of DJs and the underground dance scene…I remember daydreaming of spinning beats on that show. It’s too bad there is no more focus on that scene anymore but I guess at that time it was becomming more popular and less “underground.” Now the opposite is the case…Either way I miss EC.
    Thanks for the memories Steff!

  3. staffeen thompson says:

    Hm, Looks like I’ve touched on something…Electric Circus, I think they should totally revive that. Hm, maybe a new blog post for a later date…

    Thank you both for your comments! I’m glad that it brings back memories of “good times!” 😉

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