everybody’s going to miami!


Between March 25 and 29, 2008 – the Winter Music Conference will take place in Miami. If there’s one event that pulls it all together for musicians – it would be this one. This week-long event hosts a series of seminars, exhibits, award shows, networking events, night club showcases, and a must-have event – the DJ spin-off. It strives to bring music industry leaders, artists, participants and the media together in one venue, engaging in conversation.

In discussion are issues affecting the industry such as innovations in technology, online tools, distribution and retail, radio exposure, legal issues, the media, promotion, the labels and much more…

Scheduled to speak is artist and producer Erykah Badu, along with performances by world renowned DJs and live artists such as, Andy Caldwell, Armin Van Buuren, DJ Heather, Fred Everything, Mark Farina, Nick Holder, Quentin Harris…to name a few.

NEW debunkd. SERIES:
To usher in Spring, I’ll be launching a new interview series called, ‘IN SPIN’, that will highlight a few of my favourite Djs & Producers – many of whom will performing at the Winter Music Conference.

For more information visit: http://www.wintermusicconference.com/

Photo: Courtesy of Colin Burwell.


2 thoughts on “everybody’s going to miami!

  1. Cheyenne Baptiste says:

    Great post! love the pic by the way!! 😀
    Next year I am planning to attend Winter Music Conference. It has always been my mission to go either as an artist or a spectator…so spectator it is. Every year the artist line up is just incredible. You should join me for WMC 2009!
    Cheers and Happy Easter!

  2. staffeen thompson says:

    This event is definitely something that deserves some planning, Cheyenne!! It’s a great networking event, but can you imagine the vibe, being surrounded by all that incredible talent! Yes, Happy Easter!!

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