one of the most mysterious of semi-speculations is, one
would suppose, that of one Mind’s imagining into another

note on his copy of Paradise Lost, I.59-94

I apologize for the long interval in between posts! I’ve been trying to process and gather thoughts for another installment of ‘The Book,’ and have been channeling my creative energy into it. I don’t believe I have writer’s block anymore, I believe I have writer’s distraction. It’s a condition where I attempt to process life in its many facets and grooves (haha), and ultimately it’s that life that gets in my way…

And on that note, I’m no where close to where I want to be in the story-writing process. If you’ve actually read or heard portions of the first book, ‘The Crutches of Desire,’ it was an immediate remedy which only took six months to write, after having left it alone for a whole year. I’m humbled to say that I’m still fairly fond of it and attached to it on so many levels, that moving onto another is like abandonment or some form of literary neglect. But I know I must…

So life is in the distraction department, which is an attempt to explain my absence from blogging… hopefully not for long!


3 thoughts on “distraction

  1. Rhonda Bowen says:

    I think everyone, especially writers, go through phases where they don’t feel like doing things – even things that are somewhat habitual. So it is natural to not feel like blogging sometimes. It’s the same thing with writing, and sometimes I think people mistake this feeling for writer’s block, which I don’t think it is. Either way that’s when you have to become disciplined about it, and write even though you don’t feel like it.

    Don’t believe everything they tell you, being a writer isn’t always fun.

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