IN SPIN Pt III | Nick Holder

“I don’t know why, but I’m feelin’ so sad…”

The truth is that I’m known for celebrating my DJ’s and Producers for their music, but I also love their ability to inspire other musicians. As an observer, I can appreciate their work as pure enlightenment, but also as a therapeutic medium with emotional relevance.

My proof is that I hear this phrase more than any other, by house music-lovers, “House music is a spiritual experience…” And it is definitely more than just the music.

Nick Holder’s live shows draw a magnetic energy from the crowd, so charged with emotion – it’s beautiful. There are distinct elevated moments, where he pulls the music into a quiet lull…then resumes with the severe and intense. You need to experience it, to understand.

And then there are the Nick Holder repertoire of songs, which tend to lead me into a state of melancholy. They’re simply compelling. I’m not listening to them the wrong way, just internalizing it in my own way. It’s not to say that the songs themselves are sad, but it’s most often an evocative treatment. So I came right out and asked him in my cheeky manner, “Are you sad?” He laughed, claiming, “I’m interested in music that’s more thoughtful.”

But all sadness/thoughts aside, and in the spirit of his repeated ingenuity, what’s surprising to note is that he’s tirelessly working on what he believes is his last house album, currently untitled, due at the end of summer. I suppose that after years of creating and imagining, and being held as one of the finest house DJ’s – one might need to recalibrate.

Though he may diverge – this isn’t the end by any means. He’ll always be producing, and is currently working on tracks for Zaki Ibrahim’s album Eclectica, also to be released later this year. In my opinion, Nick Holder is the producer – continuously ‘makin’ beats,’ and providing DJ’s with a new source.

And you never know, as his last thought to me was…‘I might be back.’

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Listen to Nick Holder on the radio: Soulfusion Express, every Tuesday night on CKLN 88.1, from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.


3 thoughts on “IN SPIN Pt III | Nick Holder

  1. Frank Litorco says:

    Nick Holder solidified his place in the house music community some time ago with a number of dancefloor monsters like “Summer Daze” and “Da Sambafrique”. But my already-high admiration for him jumped up a few notches for his trippy yet riveting production work on Zaki Ibrahim’s track, “Love-Like”. While he may be a man of few words, his music speaks volumes.

    Thanks, Steffy, for providing the thoughtful insight, both his and yours.

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