the lady with blue eyes


I love that someone took the time to paint this image of a peculiar looking lady, on the concrete slab of an unfinished condo on Bay Street. Perhaps I’m a sentimental, but things like this make my mind wander. It conjures ideas of ‘permanence,’ ‘beauty  underneath the skin,’ and how instantaneous life can be. It’s a sad notion, that soon she’ll be covered with walls and materials – never to be seen again. She’ll be among everything else that is branded and obscured on Bay Street.


4 thoughts on “the lady with blue eyes

  1. chipper HO says:

    hehe…this is great…

    mind you tho, graffiti is a form of branding in itself…

    and dont be sad…
    shes in a good place…
    soon she WILL be covered…
    perhaps a treasure for someone to reveal in the far future…
    the lady with blue eyes exists…
    more permanent than the materials and walls…

  2. Alex I. says:

    If I am that developer, I’d keep the thing exposed and charge for that condo on the premise of “original art”. there are throngs of bobos that would fork out to “have that”.

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