IN SPIN Pt IV | Fred Everything

“the way it moves through me… it’s so soothing,
but it’s so cold at the same time…
it’s so sinful, it’s a bittersweet feeling,
like everything in my life
like everything else in my life…” – Mercyless

It’s easily my favourite album and top CD suggestion for this summer! Lost Together is DJ Fred Everything’s new CD, with the elected fan favourite Mercyless, featuring Montréal musician Wayne Tennant.

Consider it your summertime musical investment – you will not be disappointed! The song is about the duality of love/state of a relationship after a separation, “Suddenly, lovers become strangers like nothing ever happened…” He admits to drawing from personal experience. And yet despite the dismal reality of the song, it somehow manages to musically instill hope…or at least I think so!

There are just too many nuances of this album to describe, but the most memorable (and often lovely) element to each song is how he treats the voice as an instrument, the humming, and other nondescript yet apparent sounds. I was able to see him live two weeks ago as a part of the OM Tour, and absolutely enjoy it when DJ’s love what they do – it shows.

This album has been an on and off project since his last album Light of Day (2004), and when asked about his influences, “I used to say other people’s music but more and more I have to say Life in general. This album is my most personal one. There is a lot of me in there.”

So, after being asked a million times, I asked Fred, “What’s with the name?” To which he replied, “[It’s] from my background playing live in raves when my name was only Everything. My sets would go from one end of the electronic music spectrum to the other. I was even producing Drum and Bass and Ambient back then!” So there! Don’t ask me anymore! 😉

Look out for new projects with JT Donaldson and another solo album – hopefully sooner than four years! He’s also actively working on his own label, Lazy Days, which has just reached its 10th release.

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