staring in the facebook of boredom

5 Aug

So I’m just guessing the roundtable topic of discussion among the Facebook Team is, “How to rise above this overwhelming sense of boredom from our users?” In response, they’ve introduced ‘new facebook.’ I’ve gone to the other side three times – not really impressed and not too inclined to convert. Thank heavens for the “back to old facebook” button. At least they’ve bothered to ask for feedback. I mean if they really cared about customer satisfaction, they could just snoop into the status lines to see how many, “new facebook sucks” appear from time to time.

What do you think of the new set up? Have Mr. Zuckerberg and his team re-written the Book? 😉


4 Responses to “staring in the facebook of boredom”

  1. chipper HO August 8, 2008 at '2:07' #

    i hate it…
    i thought it was some application…
    to mimick MYSPACE…
    ha!! to my shock…
    it was in fact the NEW FACEBOOK…
    its gross…and annoying…
    web navigation has gotten ridiculous…
    i clicked the bring me back to simpler times button…
    but facebook threatened to delete this n that…
    so here i am…dealing w the new fb…
    o well…im getting used to it as the norm…

  2. Jolie August 12, 2008 at '1:41' #

    I didn’t realize that Facebook was working on another version until I saw my friend’s status line with a complaint about it. Then I got a message from Zuckerberg that popped up after signing in to confirm it was really happening. I scanned it very quickly and ignored the subsequent button inviting me to try it.

    I think the beauty of Facebook is its simplicity. This makes is accessible to everyone with any experience with applications, and to every age range (it’s not just for the young, after all). Trying to make it too fancy will only confuse and frustrate the current user. If improving the user experience is the goal, I’m all for it – but in stages. This is how I was able to adjust to the new Yahoo! Mail interface.

    I do hope they don’t force everyone to change to the new version. If so, I may be forced to resign. Zuckerberg had better re-think his strategy or his good intentions may backfire.

  3. Frank Litorco August 12, 2008 at '16:14' #

    New or old, there remains an underlying design characteristic with Facebook that people (such as myself) are a little wary about, and perhaps rightfully so: All the data added to the social networking site, such as the links posted, photos uploaded, friends added, or even all the posts to one’s own wall, belongs to them. Even if you decide to leave Facebook, for instance, this information does not automatically get removed, as accounts can only be deactivated, which is not the same as deletion in its entirety.

    In all fairness, however, Facebook isn’t the only site that does this, but they are certainly one of the biggest.

  4. Stuart August 29, 2008 at '12:10' #

    I wasn’t aware that the new version was about to occur and just browsed in to it one day. Dare I say the old version sucked too? (I still find myself logging in though!)

    I can see that the amount of material and applications was getting a little top heavy for the original format and that this prompted them to evolve the format. I’ve some sympathy however with people who enjoyed the previous, more simple version.

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