can you handle ‘AVENUE Q?’


The Tony-Award winning Broadway musical is my theatre suggestion for this summer! It doesn’t contain any elements of violent behaviour, in fact, quite the opposite! (I’ll let you figure that one out! 😉 ) Ok, so the puppets occasionally swear, and the topics they address are relevant to today, such as racism, bigotry, homosexuality, and of course… what a surprise… relationships! The puppets’ behaviour may be considered racy and extremely overt, but I think it merely outlines a few current realities. The puppets and all their shenanigans examine subjects that ought to be examined. You’ll love it. It’s Sesame Street – for adults.

So… can you handle it?

Top 3 Reasons why everyone should see `Avenue Q`:

3. If you loved Sesame Street as a child, you’ll appreciate this.

2. You’ll discover truths about life, love, and the internet.

1. The songs are funny and memorable – and you’ll be singing them in inappropriate situations for days! 🙂




One thought on “can you handle ‘AVENUE Q?’

  1. chipper HO says:

    ive wanted to see this show for ages…
    maybe before i leave england…
    itll be on my list of things to do…
    for sure…
    thanks for the review and reminder…

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