music + kids = joy!

Hello & Happy New Year!

I’ve been on a small hiatus from blogging – but for a very good reason! I’ve been busy canvassing for donations for The United Way and then subsequently initiated my own music fundraiser in November called music + kids = joy! This initiative has since raised $620 (and counting, as people are still making donations!) for The Children’s Wish Foundation.

It was a very inspirational Fall 2008, and with its own synergy, one thing lead to another and I found myself deep in the midst of fundraising. The passion for the fundraiser came from the love of music and the need to give back to something positive. In a matter of weeks, friends, colleagues and industry folk, including: record labels, djs/producers, musicians, artists/writers and promoters, generously donated music, tickets and art for random draws. The event itself took place at Milestones on FOUR at Yonge and Dundas on December 20th, 2008. Congrats to all the winners!

There were a couple of large objectives of this fundraiser, one was to raise funds for The Foundation, and another was to raise awareness for such a worthwhile cause. The idea that people are still donating to the Foundation means that people do want to give, if given the opportunity to.

It was an exciting 5 weeks! Everyone came together and miraculously got the job done. I’m absolutely thrilled to this moment, and couldn’t have asked for better friends or for more support from the music community, in Toronto, Canada, and internationally. It was truly a global effort!

The Dreamteam!

The Dreamteam! (LtoR: Kristen Zemlak, Amphy Saygnavong, Marcus McLean, Leanda Kirwan, Cheyenne Baptiste and Staffeen Thompson)

Silent Auction Grand Prize #1

Silent Auction Grand Prize #1: Autographed print by Robert Small, contributions by Gilles Peterson, Nick Holder, Joi Cardwell and CDs courtesy of Universal Urban.

Silent Auction Grand Prize #2

Silent Auction Grand Prize #2: ABBA Gold CD, autographed by 2 ABBA members; donated by Paul Oswell.


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