“Sorry I couldn’t be civil today, we’re in a global economic depression.”

be happy ok
Things just suck for some right now.  I realize it’s gloomy, but chin up Ok?  I laugh every time someone says we’re in ‘unique times.’ Yeah, you think?  It’s clearly an understatement, but it’s beginning to feel as though our little economic situation has subconsciously given people the permission to unleash their silent inner demons.  All of a sudden, some people feel the need to act out their warped id – and indirectly blame it on the dismal economy.  Suddenly times have become so drastic, that they’ve forgotten common courtesy and can’t be bothered with simple manners.  I’m not buying.

If you can’t be sincerely pleasant – at least pretend. It’s like they say, “The best way to be happy – make someone else happy.”  So try it, the next time you want to be a grump.


2 thoughts on ““Sorry I couldn’t be civil today, we’re in a global economic depression.”

  1. chipper HO says:

    are you happy.
    i hope so.
    times are unique.
    hahhha..love that…
    ive cracked a few ‘blame it on the economy joke’
    i should just move on eh…

  2. Jolie says:

    The world needs a great big hug and reassurance it’s gonna be all okay in the end….at least I think it would help me at minimum. My only hope is that throughout these trying times, the best of human nature will overcome the worst of human nature. There is only one world, and we gotta get along on it (unless they’ve found a way to populate Mars with life, that is). It is hard sometimes, but we have to soldier on. We’ve been doing it for centuries, so why not now?

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