“This is the album I’ve always wanted to make, but wasn’t able to in the past.  It’s much more musical and spherical. I’m very happy with it!”

Photo by Libelia De Splenter

Photo by Libelia De Splenter

I became a dedicated BRISKEY fan years ago, with that feisty vibe from ‘Cucumber Lodge,’ songs like, Conchita’s Cabin, Galactic Jack, and Lovelier Without Makeup – which I’m still in love with! They were funky little secrets that I had magically stumbled upon, through another Belgium composer, Buscemi.

The man behind BRISKEY is Gert Keunen. He’s in my top 10 favourite composers list. He’s also a professor who last year found himself working on his Ph.D in Sociology, as well as completing his new solo album ‘before-during-after.’ In comparison to his other albums, these songs feel slower, darker and more dramatic, but still tell an imaginative story.

BRISKEY’s sound is unique jazz-esque themes, resembling cinematic scores coupled with groovy beats. His journey began over a decade ago with experimentation of the fusion of jazz and electronica. He knows how to merge the electronic and acoustic – perfecting what would become his signature sound. His message was: ‘Getting people to swing.’ His early studio recordings incorporated samples from big bands from the 30’s and 40’s, and now expanding on that characteristic sound, he’s formed his own full Briskey Big Band for his arrangements. What a great idea – keepin’ it real!  He now tours with the 14 musicians, performing long sets of songs from past albums along with the new album released March 2, 2009.

Next step:  BRISKEY & BIG BAND live!

Music from ‘before-during-after’:



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