weeding out the worms from the fruit basket

Dear Mr. Small Business Owner:

You conceal your racism well. But after listening to your views and hearing your opinion on us “ethnics” – you’re repulsive. To learn that you only advertise to “white/anglo-saxon” people, in Toronto, in 2010, is quite annoying.  Refusing to market to “ethnics” because we’re not professionals – is the most asinine thing I’ve heard in a long time. But to that end, can surely see why your business is lagging!

Firstly, I’d like to educate you and inform you that there are several affluent and professional people in every race. I can name quite a few actually if you’d like. To say there aren’t, would be like stating that there aren’t any elderly people in each race – and that would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

Also (if you haven’t noticed), you live in Toronto, a highly multicultural metropolis, and by practicing this form of marketing, you’re basically ignoring a large percentage of your market – although after listening to you, I’d rather not be marketed to by you.

Further – don’t bother to contact me again for my advice.