rotation + hidden gems

I’ve been told that I have great attachments to songs – and it’s true. If I find a song I really love, chances are it’ll be with me forever. Granted there are few on this list, but the list is fruitful & ever-growing. Here are my five faves at the moment, along with an lovely artist whom I’ve known for years, and has finally emerged to shower us with her beautiful voice.

5 on rotation
1.  sigo meu caminho – buscemi ft. viviani godoy
2.  soul size love – nick holder & jaidene veda
3.  superman – black coffee ft. bucie
4.  find a way – alton miller
5.  safe place – plej

t.o’s secret hidden gem:
miku graham –

unreleased gem:
‘pleasure seekers’ by lisa shaw –

Enjoy! 😉


Happy Women’s Day!

Today is a celebration of women, by both men & women, for the freedoms & liberties we enjoy, but a reminder that we need to continue to persevere for equality & equity worldwide.

In honour of Women’s Day, I’d like love to share the new single by Buscemi. To me, it embodies one thing: Love. And that I wish for everyone.  Please enjoy with love!