17 May

Earlier this Spring, some girlfriends hosted a clothing swap in order to give new life to old/new pieces.  Cara Porter acquired this simple new floral skirt I had held onto for eight years, saw amazing potential and magically transformed it into two ultra chic aprons! Talk about finding inspiration & recycling – they’re fantastic! 😀

floral skirt - before

floral apron - after


4 Responses to “APRONS JUST ROCK!”

  1. Patchwork Queen May 17, 2010 at '18:04' #

    What great recycling….I liked the skirt but love the aprons!!

  2. staffeen thompson May 18, 2010 at '0:48' #

    I agree – she’s done a fabulous job!

    You can also find/follow the designer extraordinaire here: http://www.leopardspotteddesigns.wordpress.com.

  3. Kristen Zemlak May 27, 2010 at '13:43' #

    Hey Steffy! OMG, I love what your friend did. So talented.

  4. staffeen thompson May 27, 2010 at '15:34' #

    Hey Kristen! How are ya? Can you believe it? The transformation is fantastic. It’s so nice I don’t want to use it! 😛

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