I’m truly astounded by the abundance of creativity in this city of ours  – it’s inspiring, encouraging and enlightening. Gabrielle Lasporte’s porfolio is not only visually stunning, but also tells vivid stories – and it’s currently on display in Toronto. This is Gabrielle’s first show of new work in over two years. This new series further explores portraiture using the Modern Batik technique along with the use of traditional Batik tools. This is a show not to be missed! Gabrielle’s work will be exhibited until July 8th, 2010.

For more of Gabrielle’s Modern Batik  http://www.bygabrielle.com


Poetic Art Studio
511 Mount Pleasant Rd – 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 2M4

Mon – Wed – by appointment only
Thurs & Fri – 5pm – 9pm
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a profitable hobby.

What was once a creative hobby has morphed into an exciting & profitable project!  I’ve been making cards for the past 10 years – initially as a way to recycle architecture materials, but over the years evolved to reusing paper, transforming objects & re-purposing jewelry for my projects.  Since improving and expanding the collection, I’ve stopped giving them away and have made them available for purchase. The response has been both positive & inspiring. Who knew that old scraps could be in demand? Here are some samples from my collection.

Metallic Reds - A man who runs a print shop made these cards with me.

Canary - Leftover paper scraps & vellum.

Muted & Dark - I love the monochromatic.

Mini-cards - Dismantled old costume jewels & leftover paper.

Ultra Recycled Cards - Deconstructed costume jewels & random paper.

Traipsing to the Orient - Found good quality Asian-inspired paper & got inspired.