a profitable hobby.

What was once a creative hobby has morphed into an exciting & profitable project!  I’ve been making cards for the past 10 years – initially as a way to recycle architecture materials, but over the years evolved to reusing paper, transforming objects & re-purposing jewelry for my projects.  Since improving and expanding the collection, I’ve stopped giving them away and have made them available for purchase. The response has been both positive & inspiring. Who knew that old scraps could be in demand? Here are some samples from my collection.

Metallic Reds - A man who runs a print shop made these cards with me.

Canary - Leftover paper scraps & vellum.

Muted & Dark - I love the monochromatic.

Mini-cards - Dismantled old costume jewels & leftover paper.

Ultra Recycled Cards - Deconstructed costume jewels & random paper.

Traipsing to the Orient - Found good quality Asian-inspired paper & got inspired.


6 thoughts on “a profitable hobby.

  1. Joanne says:

    Gorgeous!! The muted & black are right up my alley but I also like the mini-cards and the recycled collection too! Good job Steffy!

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