my reaction to stimuli

26 Jun

STABILO point 88 fineliner pen | 0.8mm tip, 0.4 line

All pieces composed by Staffeen Thompson © 2011

'In The Veins,' 2011

'A Creepy One,' 2011


4 Responses to “my reaction to stimuli”

  1. richardsguest June 26, 2011 at '19:34' #

    These are great. What were the stimuli?

    • staffeen thompson June 27, 2011 at '3:25' #

      Thanks Richard! I didn’t even know one could “like” something on wordpress! 🙂 The Stimuli: My life in general, has a lot going on! It’s great, I react to everything – which can be a great thing, but I create these as a way to calm my brain too.

      Incidentally, I think ‘In The Veins,’ looks a lot like blood plasma.. and when I thought about it, I was trying to distill my emotions, and reduced it all to blood flow… that’s my circular reasoning! 😀

      What do you think?

      • richardsguest June 29, 2011 at '9:18' #

        Yes, I agree ‘In The Veins’ does look like plasma – and it’s a great explanation. How long did it take to draw?

  2. staffeen thompson June 29, 2011 at '21:40' #

    It took about 4hrs in one sitting. In fact, I envision it evolving massively… so many variations of sequencing that’s possible! 🙂

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