Oh my Sint Maarten!!

With so many beautiful destinations to see, it’s so difficult to decide on one… but this was easy. I was inspired by the landscape of St.Maarten! The majestic view I had seen so many times, I just had to see for myself!

So this past April I went with my mum and a friend of mine for an all-inclusive week at Maho Beach Resort. It had gorgeous weather and the Hotel was at a prime location – right next to a Casino, a club and shopping strip. It was also prime time as we went right at the beginning of their Carnival! Days were spent shopping and lying on the terrace or the beach, and nights were spent sat up in the casino with Jules blowing my $20 or partying at the club… I’m a HIGH ROLLER BABY!! πŸ™‚ And I don’t even party.

Now, we knew about the airport being right next to the resort, and saw pictures of people standing on the beach literally waiting for planes to land exactly 3 feet above them – but seeing it in person was a little disturbing. Why would people do this to themselves? Why did I find MYSELF standing on the beach waiting for the plane to land atop my head? And why did I stand on the beach and get blown away from plane exhaust? Why? I mean really, why? Because at some point in our lives – WE ALL NEED TO BE BLOWN AWAY!! That’s why! It was definitely an experience. Probably won’t EVER do it again… but it was good for the experience that it was!

We also took a trip to the capital Phillipsberg, and visited Great Bay Beach Resort… for a little variety. We watched the cruise ships dock, and cruised their extensive boardwalk lined with boutiques, jewelry shops and food… definitely for the shopping-inspired. Absolutely fantastic view if ever there was one!

The only down-side to the trip was that the Canadian banks didn’t accept Canadian funds. A little strange and insulting, but whatever… THEIR LOSS!!

All in all, a great trip – an experience that I will be talking about for many years to come. I’m SOO glad my friend deleted the video of me being blown away by the 737 jet. I don’t need that incriminating evidence coming back to haunt me later in life. πŸ˜‰


Great Bay Beach Resort


Phillipsberg Boardwalk


Phillipsberg Boardwalk




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