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2013: The BIG Mentions!

31 Dec

I can’t even begin to describe the year I’ve had. It was a year of personal growth, rediscovering who I am, where I want to be, and how I want to fulfill my dreams. I’ve touched on just a couple of topics here.. the rest are either TOO big to be spoken of, or too insignificant to mention.

I became a Pirate of the Caribbean with my mum, and dear friends. Circumnavigating the Caribbean sea, first to St.Maarten, then Santa Maria, Cuba, next Jamaica, and then finally to Holguin, Cuba. Of course, I LOVE the sun… but traveling for me is more than just relaxing on the beach… it’s about connecting with people outside of your circle, learning different cultures and discovering where you fit into their worlds and how you might impact their situations. I also find myself being more creative in that environment… ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

In my case, it’s not enough to simply travel, enjoy, take and then come home and forget about them. How can you? The experiences I’ve had on my trips have left me with even more questions and have subsequently created a deep need in my life to fulfill and resolve. There’s just more to life than what we experience here at home, and I wish I could explain in more depth what I mean by that, but I don’t want this to be an epic saga on why I think we should do more for others and make giving back a mission. This has been my personal take-away from journeying around, and has lead me to my next career move in Philanthropy. 🙂

I have also been teaching/mentoring a young student, which has been its own reward. I’m proud of him and what he’s accomplishing, and how he’s growing! I’m a proud momma! 🙂

I’ve never had specific goals, like losing 20lbs or being any particular size, I don’t think it’s healthy! I think feeling great about yourself and being healthy should be the goal. I started playing badminton 3 years ago, and started to shed the weight.. And now adding in weight training, have gone from size 12 at 160lbs 3 years ago, to size 8 and 170lbs now!! I’m extremely happy, feel amazing and more comfortable now than I did 10 years ago in my 20s. Also more confident and probably to a degree (according to one in particular…) a little vain about it! :p

I attribute most of my growth and healing to yoga and meditation, and in particular, hot yoga. It has been a source of stability and calm for me – being able to focus my mind on what I need to accomplish, and to help me make decisions that are good for me. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, it is THE secret! I’m urging everyone to try it! 🙂

While I was in JA, I dyed my hair RED. HAHA! 🙂

And to cap it all off we were stuck in the dark for 6 days last week. Oh that was fun, but ridiculous. That’s where you learn who your true friends are.

Thank you to those close and far to me in my life… To everyone I’ve met on my journeys, and those who are still journeying with me. I Love You! I wish everyone continued good health, prosperity, mindfulness, and compassion.

Here’s a KISS from ME TO YOU!