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Give Your Love As A Gift

9 Mar

The Story of Mariam

I frequent a particular make-up store, and have been recognized by one of the sales associates, Mariam. One day last Summer she asked me, “Where’ve you been? Haven’t seen you in so long!” I explained that I had been on a series of trips with my mum and friends, and she became curious.

We stood there in the middle of the store talking about life, love, traveling and family. She confessed to me that she’d love to go on a trip to Cuba, but was saving up enough money to see her extremely ill sister in El Salvador. This broke my heart. Both of us bawling uncontrollably, next to the eyeshadow and mascara.

We consoled each other, and I left her feeling a sense of fullness and emptiness at the same time. On one hand, realizing yet again, how precious life is, and how fortunate I am to have this time to share with my mum traveling around. And on the other hand, emptiness and helplessness, as I couldn’t help her situation, short of sending her to El Salvador.

I left and immediately wanted to lift her spirits somehow. I returned to see her three days later, with a little gift for her. It was one of those old school espresso makers attached to a pack of Cuban coffee. It was a souvenir from my last trip in May. I explained it was a little piece of Cuba, UNTIL she found her way there. More uncontrollable bawling, next to the blush.

Since that moment, I cannot tell you what an impact she has had on my life. It’s a privilege to know her and spend time with her. This experience has moved me in a way I had never expected or anticipated. That one gesture activated a series of exchanges, moments and gifts that never end… and now that I am on a medical hiatus, she has been so helpful and loving. I’m so grateful to thankful to know her. I didn’t and wasn’t expecting anything when I gave her that little token. I just wanted her to know that I was thinking about her and the situation.

The moral of this story has been repeated a million times, but I’m restating it. If you purposely and with intent, GIVE, no matter how big or small… it will come back to you in ways that you didn’t even know or realize you needed. Just Give Your Love as a Gift. It doesn’t have to be a physical gift, it could be a gesture or good deed. Just Give. You’d be surprised what happens as a result.

Stay tuned for The Story of Pearl…