artist bio

Welcome to the part of my world I’m happy to share with you.

It all starts at some point with a pen & paper.. Some designs morph into more intricate designs, and others morph into abstract creations that I love to express through metallic ink, watercolour, acrylic & gel medium.

I’ve had the pleasure of producing my first solo exhibit, with 22 original, “zen patterns,” for the month of December 2017, in Toronto, Canada. The success of that show taught me several lessons – mainly to stay true to myself and my ideas, but that I also need sleep.

During the show, the planning and production began on my first piece of merchandise! My very first tote bag. The limited edition, ‘Cross-Breeze’ tote was released in February 2018. Only 9 created for the public.

Response to my designs & tote has been steady, engaging, very positive and motivating. I realize my designs are varied and aren’t for everyone.. You either love it or don’t care. But for those who do love them, there is definitely a design for everyone to love.

My work is appreciated most across the ocean, in The Netherlands. Where deephouse producer Rancido, has an affinity for my abstract designs – adapting them to his music.

Happy to have found my niche at this point in my life. After the amount of schooling and corporate experience, to come full circle feels poetic. I have an Honours degree in Architecture (sp) & Art History (min) from University of Toronto, and a postgraduate degree in Public Relations & Communications, from Centennial College, in Toronto.

I’ve worked as a Communications Specialist, providing communications, marketing & event planning for non-profit organizations, the ontario government/ministry of tourism, and corporate outfits.

I’m also a writer. I’ve written speeches for individuals, but also several short stories and many anthologies of poetry. Several of my new abstract pieces will be coupled with verse.

I also love to relocate myself every now and then. A physical dislocation, I call it. It’s perfect for me. I spend a good amount of time every year in Jamaica, which is also considered home to me.

Hope this gives a little glimpse into my crazy life.. if you have any questions please send me a message!

Hope you enjoy my art & poetry♡.




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