sign in. write. track. sign out. repeat.

…all of this in an effort to obsessively monitor information.

“Oh, use google reader, it’ll help you keep track of all the blogs!” Okk…I thought that was what delicious was for?! So if delicious is for bookmarking blogs and comments…then why have the reader? Shouldn’t delicious (or nutritious, as one of my colleagues calls it) do what the reader does? Shouldn’t it track everything I need to track?

On top of my e-mail accounts for varying purposes, I am summoned to keep track of Facebook, Myspace, ‘The blogs’ (mine, my peers, the industry), Linked In, the delicious, the Twitter, the Reader, etc…one could easily spend a good three or four hours on the computer repeatedly logging on, updating, bookmarking, commenting, saving, uploading, categorizing, messaging, in-taking and out-putting – it’s verging on sensory overload. I mean, I’m in no way ‘old’, but there are just too many usernames and I’m beginning to lose track of the passwords. What does age me to some degree is when I catch myself saying, “I remember the good ol’ archaic days of pen & paper.” Maybe I need a page that tracks all my usernames and password information…

I’m tempted to suggest yet another application that is some type of combination of Facebook/Wordpress that has the capabilities of a twitter/delicious/google reader. Perhaps an application that doesn’t just serve one purpose – but several merged together! One that has a ‘real person’ setting, where I can have the music, interests, with pictures of myself happy with friends – then an optional ‘professional’ setting which is more conservative, less vibrant and less colourful. All of this, so I can micromanage my varying personas and blogs in one website, one username one password.

There are too simply many websites to tend to, and frankly at the end of the night after going into a million websites – I feel that it’s an inefficient use of my time. Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier and more convenient?

There has to be a better way!