They want you in the worst way…

Ode to TIFF

I’m gladly on your fringe—
though the vortex of you is becoming more & more seductive.
You are chaos.
And though I am on the outside looking in
I still feel the tireless rippling effects of your presence.
I felt it two weeks ago when everyone was preparing for your arrival…
and will feel it well into October when you’ve strayed
(possibly) leaving me hollow
& empty.
I have exhausted my festival fever with you.
The lavish.
The indulgence.
The glamour.
The expense.
The thought of those, too.
The spare-no-expense. The R.S.V.P.’s.
The incessant state of “What the?” coupled with,
a slight hysterical laughter of, “You’re kiddin’ me right?”
When I see the grand total.
You are my fortune, and I’m penniless.
I’ve started to contemplate giving up sleep because of you…
because why sleep when you can enjoy the hedonism that you deliver?
Why sleep when you can
I’m trying to reconcile your value to my day-to-day
your madness to my sanity.
But I sincerely can’t—
because I have to get up really early tomorrow morning
for work…